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The Full Advantage Package

          This package is so that you can have an active role in marketing your property while we take on the lion's share of the actual reservation work for you. We will also market your property, and for all reservations you book we will extend a 10% rental rate commission to you for all of those bookings. For all bookings that we produce will be at our agreed upon predetermined rate.

  1. Help You Set Up Your VRBO website and Help You Determine Rates
  2. We Collect All Deposits and Take Payments via Cash, Check or Credit Card
  3. Send Out Reservation Confirmations and Check-in Packages
  4. Walk Thru the Villa/Home Before and After Each Rental
  5. Schedule Housekeeping, Perform Inventory Counts 
  6. Perform Maintenance Repairs
  7. Respond to Emergency Calls From Rental Guest 
  8. Develop and Maintain an In House Guest Information Book
  9. Pay Your Accommodation’s Local and StateTax on Your Behalf
  10. And More! 


            * The Property Must Generate at Least $40,000 a Year in Rentals to Qualify for this Program

            * We are one of the RARE companies that actually inspect your property after EVERY reservation stay.

            * We are the ONLY company that deducts the cleaning fee from your rental revenue BEFORE we calculate commissions.


The Following Packages are Based on a Low Monthly Fee Charged Annually. The Idea is Not Only to Be Supportive of Your Rental Program But Also a Year Round Property Manager For You and Your Property. The Fee is Determined By Property Size and Location. We Only Charged on the First Month of a Snow Bird Rental.

The Reliable Resource Package

  1. Send Check-In Packages on Bookings you Make
  2. Schedule and Pay Housekeeping on Your Behalf
  3. Perform Check-in and Check-Out Walk Thru
  4. Perform Minor Property Repairs at no Cost and Oversee Larger Ones 
  5. Respond to Emergency Calls Directly from Rental Guest
  6. Supply and Change Basic Light Bulbs Regularly, Change Air Filters Quarterly and Batteries Annually

The Sea Shore Support Package

  1. Perform Check-in and Check-out Walk Thru
  2. Perform Minor Property Repairs at no Cost and Oversee Larger Ones
  3. Be Your Local Contact for Emergencies with Rental Guest Who Contact You
  4. Change Bulbs, Filters and Batteries supplied by you as needed.

If there is some other arrangement you would like to discuss, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We are very flexible and happy to assist you and your needs. *Packages require an annual property management agreement with Luxury Home Concierge and will be subject to additional minimal costs associated with managing the property. We do not pay for advertising costs associated with the above (or any other) website. All advertising and marketing expenses are paid for by the property owner unless we are managing the property in its entirety. All rental rates will be determined by the amount of competition for the particular property being advertised. Luxury Home Concierge is in no way guaranteeing any certain amount of rental and are only acting as support to your own online marketing of rental property in the Hilton Head Island Area.