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Blue Heron POint Home

3,000sqft. Renting for $3,000/mth

Available for Rent Oct 1 2014

Berwick Green Townhome

2,500sqft. Renting for $2,200/mth

Long term Rental management

  Since we have real estate sales and property management it only made sense for us to also offer to our clients the ability to manage their Hilton Head Island long term rental property. With the market crash of 2008 a lot of things have happened....

1) The market prices dropped by over 40% on the island

2) Those who owned (and bought more than they should) were forced out of their homes when the market crashed

3) Those that are facing retirement found it an ideal time to buy that home or villa and rent it our for the next few years until they got to the point to retire and take advantage of the pricing in the market.

 However, they need someone to help them with the marketing and securing a good quality tenant and actually managing the property while they are living so far away from the island. So along came our long term rental management program. If you are considering buying or have purchased a home and want a professional organization to handle your property for you please feel free to give us a call. We actually inspect our properties on a quarterly basis unlike many of those companies who never see the property beyond the day of occupancy.

For security purposes we do not post all of our properties online however here are a couple that we do manage....