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 We are a premier property management company and our services are contracted based on what you, the homeowner, need for your particular property. Our professional property management team takes managing your property serious. Our residential property management processes are detailed oriented and among the highest quality in the industry.

  All properties vary greatly in their overall needs. For instance a 3 bedroom condominium is not as demanding as a 3 bedroom single family home would be. A 3 bedroom near ocean home is going to potentially be more involved than a 3 bedroom home in non ocean oriented area. So, what we have determined to be the basis for our pricing structure in 3 key factors:

  • We are not your ordinary drop in take a 2 min look and walk out sort of operation. True home care and inspections take time and energy to perform. We take as much pride in your home as you do and expect nothing short of the very best when caring for it.
  • The actual time spent performing the inspection is only part of our time involved in taking care of your property. There are follow up calls to providers for concerns or issues. There is time involved in producing our detailed reports. Time involved in scheduling, accounting and producing monthly statements to be emailed. So there is much more to the process than simply 'meandering' through your property.
  • The basis of our pricing structure is divided between condominiums and single family homes. We base the pricing scale for condos on the number of bedrooms. We base the pricing scale for single family homes on total square footage of the home which directly correlates with the amount of time it will take to perform each inspection.

Choose from 3 Packages:

Premium Absentee Owner Package

The Complete Care Package with a Visit to the Home Every Week Throughout the Year. Click For Details


Standard Absentee Owner Package

This is a Comprehensive Package Providing 2 Visits to the Property Per Month. Click For Details.

Value Absentee Owner Package

A Great Plan for the Value Owner and includes a visit to the Property Every Month. Click For Details

WE Also OFFER A Vacation Package

Designed for the primary home owner who is on the go or just headed out of town for a period of time on their own vacation and need a helping hand while they are gone. This package includes:

  • Visits to the home during each week (as many visits as needed) and includes a 30 point home inspection on each visit
  • Performing such tasks that are necessary to maintain a home such as watering plants, feeding pets and collecting newspapers and mail
  • We are the point of contact for any emergencies or issues